Get fit with HIIT

If you’re looking for a challenging, full body workout; then our HIIT training sessions are for you.

High intensity interval training combines cardio, strength and aerobic exercises in short bursts, separated by periods of rest. It’s designed to keep your heart rate high to burn fat and improve cardiovascular health.

We offer a range of programs from beginner to the ultra-fit, all led by certified trainers who will guide you through each movement.

Benefits of taking a HIIT class


HIIT workouts push the body into an anaerobic state which can cause the heart, lungs and muscles to adapt and improve.

Burn fat

As you can burn more fat in less time, HIIT is far more effective for weight loss than steady cardio exercise.

Improve cardio health

Weight loss can make it easier to get moving and stay active which can help to improve overall quality of life.

Perfect for all abilities

HIIT incorporate a wide variety of exercises and can be easily adapted for all fitness and ability levels.