Take your fitness to the next level

Our general fitness programs are a great way to raise your pulse rate and work up a sweat.

Combining aerobics, agility exercises, strength training and more, these regular workouts will help you boost your overall health and fitness, and improve balance, coordination, flexibility and mobility.

We have programs for all skill and fitness levels and cater to all age groups. So whether you can run a marathon or get breathless climbing the stairs, we’ve got you covered.

Why sign up for a fitness program?

Mix it up

With an instructor-led workout, you can be sure that your heart, lungs and muscle groups are getting the exercise they need – and varied routines will keep you interested.

Get social

Work out with different trainers to keep motivation at a peak and take advantage of the opportunity to learn new training techniques.

Form a habit

Committing to a scheduled time every week means you’re more likely to stick to your fitness plan and reach your health goals.

The personal touch

Our personal and professional trainers will make sure your programme is always working for you, increasing or decreasing intensity and tailoring routines as required.